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We are always looking to expand our team.



Alka Financial is a start-up financial firm. Simply put, we do not have the budget to hire 30 investment advisors to manage an existing network of high-net-worth clients. Leave what you hated about corporate finance and remind yourself why you got into this industry in the first place.

To work with us means you will ditch the bureaucracy found at huge advising firms and essentially be reliant on your own networking and client generation skills to pay your salary. We will support you in everything you do and we encourage experts; not employees to join us! Together, we will prove it is possible to make money and make a difference simultaneously. Your next rung on the corporate ladder does not exist here, but you can make the position. Want to be a "Senior Advisor"? How 'bout "Super Analyst"? More power to you.

  • If you're tired of 60-hour work weeks, an unfulfilling workplace, or making the wealthy even wealthier email us. 

  • If you're a CPA handling a tax return for a questionably legal oil company email us.

  • If you HATE having 10 follow-up meetings to something that could have been emailed… email us (just once).

Here you can experience Silicon Bayou… we work hard, but we let our hair down once and a while… coincidentally, tax season and Mardi Gras season are at the same time!


Your clients will know your name, heck most of them will invite you to their tailgates. You'll be treated with the respect you deserve by your colleagues… unless you're a Cowboys fan!

Email your resume to 

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