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Do I need to live in the New Orleans Area to be a client?

No. We have existing clients and members in all 50 states and Guam!

Does black-owned mean black-only?

Absolutely not. We are an equal-opportunity advisement firm and employer. Our primary

target audience are those who have been historically under-represented by other financial firms.


I want to be a member, but I cannot afford it.

Call us, we will work with you.


Does a Pride membership include tax preparation?

No. Pride Memberships are a separate product from Tax Preparation and Financial Planning Services.

Discounts are available though.

Do I have to pay for a separate pride membership for my spouse?

No. Married couples are usually financially jointed.

Couples who are just dating (may be eligible for a monthly discount of $25 to pride club).

Making the membership ($75 for them instead of $50 each).


If I decide to cancel my membership, are refunds available?

Unfortunately no. Membership dues primarily pay for the time for advisors and guest speakers.

I have been a Pride: Club ™ member for 6 months, do I have to pay the full $500 to switch to Pride:Gold ™?

No. Pride: Club ™ level members receive a pro-rated membership price if they elect to switch to Pride: Gold ™.  In this case, you would be eligible to pay $250 for the next 6 months.Thereby allowing you to capitalize on a free month of membership.


When do membership's renew?

After 12 consecutive monthly meetings. Renewal is not automatic.

We will remind you two months prior.

Will we be refunded if a meeting is cancelled?

Cancellations are highly unlikely and only in an "Act of God" event like a hurricane.

If a meeting is ever cancelled for any reason outside of the members control,

all members will have the option of a $50 credit towards any other service or to extend their

membership by one month at no additional charge.

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