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Comprehensive Accounting Services:

  • ​Employee Payroll

  • Quarterly Taxes

  • Accounting System Establishment


HR Consulting

  • Basic Legal Assistance

  • Funding assistance

Minimum Retainer Required,

  hourly fee-based thereafter.

    When you grow, we grow!

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Established Business



Designed for established businesses seeking additional services

  • ​Accounting

  • HR Consulting

  • Operations Consulting

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Expansions into business new area

(geographical or target audience)


Minimum Retainer Required 

Hourly fee-based thereafter

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Whether you are looking to launch your new business or have already established your business, Alka Financial offers comprehensive financial services that meet your business needs. We specialize in year round planning and work on your behalf to implement structures to ensure that your business model is protected and profitable. 

For businesses who need assistance but cannot afford services, Partnerships/ownership stake may be possible.

Together at the Top
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