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About Us 

Alka Financial was officially established on February 2, 2020. The decision to found this firm stemmed from the lack of representation from typical financial advisors, the uneven distribution of wealth amongst marginalized communities, and approaching financial literacy in a manner of equality.  At Alka Financial, we don't care where you came from. We care about where you want to go. With subscription- based packages, we will make making financial advising approachable and affordable. Our firm is specifically designed to grow with our clientele as they meet their financial goals.  Individuals who are financial established and are simply looking to grow their portfolio are also more than welcome to become our ally. We are fully qualified to manage high-net-worth portfolios and hope to learn from you in order to better advise our "pride".


Our core values of family, community and education are the driving forces for the future of this locally-owned, black-owned, veteran-owned.

Samuel O. Ordu, MBA 

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CEO Emeritus 
Born and raised in a small village outside of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Samuel is the oldest of six siblings. He immigrated to the United States in the late 70's in pursuit of higher education and the American Dream. After completing his degree in business management, he married his college sweetheart, Mrs. Stephanie G. Ordu. Both are first in their families to earn a college education.
He went on to earn his MBA specializing in disadvantaged business enterprises and women business enterprises. A natural businessman, Samuel started out delivering newspapers. He used his delivery business to finance his education and it progressed to a thriving small business. The freedom to be his own boss was all he ever wanted. Following Hurricane Katrina, he lost the vast majority of his Gentilly-based clientele. 
In 2006, 2007, and 2008 Samuel suffered a string of onset strokes. While that may have damaged his body, his spirit yearned to continue to providing for our family.  Around the same time, Mrs. Ordu's health also took a turn for the worst. Today, Samuel is a full-time grandfather to his three grandchildren: Samara, Nasiah, and Jacari. Though he still battles with health concerns, we are blessed to still have him with us. It is with great honor that we appoint him CEO Emeritis of Alka Financial. A small token of gratitude for his courage, sacrifice and entrepreneurship.


Senior Partner


President, CFO 

Born and raised in New Orleans, LA, A.B. is the proud son of Samuel and Stephanie Ordu. Adopted from birth, he spent his entire life witnessing the importance of family, health, and education. 

The rapid decline of health in both parents led to the first stages of A.B.'s financial background. At only age 13, he started his first business, Budget Saver Lawn & Garden, which still operates under a different nomenclature. He also began trading stocks around the same time. 


At age 17, A.B. enlisted in the Louisiana Air National Guard and served overseas in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Guam. While serving, he graduated from McNeese State University with a degree in International Business. He is currently an MBA-International Business candidate at Louisiana State University.


As a Financial Management Technician, A.B. oversaw the travel funds, military pay, and general financial inquiries for over 1,500 members of the 159th Fighter Wing. A.B. has experience as a Tax Professional since 2016. In that time , he assisted with tax inquiries and preparation and audit assistance. In addition, he is a certified Enrolled Agent by the IRS, a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP), and a Certified Financial Planner. 

A.B. enjoys volleyball, scuba diving, and traveling. After visiting over 25 countries, his favorite travel excursions were to live amongst the indigenous Sacha Wasi people in the Amazon Rain Forests of Ecuador and the aboriginal Anagu people of Northwest Territory, Australia.

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